Weighing Dosing Screwfeeder W-D-RFS

the totally closed system

Technical Data:
Conveying material Bulk materials
Conveying capacity: 1 t/h – 200 t/h
Screw speed: depending on the set point and bulk density
Screw Diameter: 100 mm – 600 mm
Bulk density: 500 kg/m³ – 4000 kg/m³
Granulation: dusty to fine-grained
Inclination: horizontal
Adjustment range: 1:10 (upgradeable up to 1:50 with feedback-encoder)
ATEX: versions available
Accuracy: ± 3 %

If required customized special solutions are available!

For the dosing and weighing of fines and dust-like bulk materials (in completely closed construction) the weighing dosing screwfeeders can be used. The feeding of weighing- and dosing screwfeeder is done by a rotary vane feeder or a dosing screw. Through a fixed bearing on the feeding side and the bearing of the load cell on the discharge side, influences of the material transfer are compensated. On request, the screws can also be constructed in wear-resistant material such as Hardox. This type also can be used for products with high temperatures.

Significant Benefits
• test weight for an easy and quick check of the weighing accuracy
• totally closed system
• versatile in use
• minimal maintenance works

• stable vibration-free subconstruction

Application Range:
  • Construction material and minerals

  • Gypsum

  • Cement

  • Chemistry

  • Coal

  • Food

  • Animal feed

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