Additional Products

Screwfeeder / Dosing Screwfeeder RFS

The screwfeeder is used either for metering bulk materials on a KUKLA-weighing system, or as a conveying element. By means of in-house manufacturing KUKLA is able to produce any size or to adjust the size exactly to the required capacity.

Dosing Belt DB

KUKLA-dosing belts are applied where bulk materials with relatively constant bulk density are fed for further processing and where the precision of gravimetric dosing is dispensable. KUKLA-dosing belts are mounted onto a solid steel frame in order to ensure the stability required for high reliability.

Bin Scale BHW

Bin scales are hoppers or bins set on load cells. Due to the stable construction and exact stabilization high-precision measuring can be ensured.

Discharge Device ASG

Exakt and rapid feeding of material to the KUKLA-scales is the precondition for an impeccable dosing. Special slide valves ensure a complete barrier against the scale. The gate valve position is signalled by sensors.

Trough Bottom Cleaner REE

Trough bottom cleaners can be supplied both for the open and for the closed design. Cleaning ledges, which are moved by chains, ensure that material which settles at the bottom of the belt scale, is again continuously added to the process. The trough bottom cleaner can be operated continuously or clocked. The installed sensors provide information about the condition of the chain tension!

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