Absolut Value Tare

Where the process requires a very high short-term accuracy, the belts are equipped with an absolute value tare function. The tare is activated on the KUKLA-weighing electronics. The process runs fully automatically.

Speed Monitoring

A corresponding belt slip monitoring and speed monitoring is standard for KUKLA-belt scales. Especially for plants with high hopper pressure slip monitoring is recommended.

Central Lubrication

Where lubrication points are difficult to access or where the goal is a reduction of maintenance costs, we offer central lubrication on request. Here are the access points precisely defined and the central lubrication system is designed according to the requirements.

Support Construction / Light Steel Construction

We are happy to construct the supports our weighing systems are mounted onto for you. To simplify installation, we also offer adjustable legs.
For the integration of the KUKLA-weighing systems in existing plants, we can engineer and deliver the corresponding steel construction.

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